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Why have decorations?


Decorations set the tone, create a mood, make a reception interesting, fun and inviting to you AND your guests. 

Most successful events are focused on the “experience”, and decorations are just as important to the experience as entertainment or food. What would your home feel like without decor or personalization?... without colour, texture, or lighting?...  it is the same for any event. Decorations are the backdrop to those magical moments and lifelong memories you are creating.

I can decorate….Why hire a professional decorator?

Do you remember your very first day on a job?  How long did it take for you to master your skills? 

Ask yourself…  Do you really want your first time decorating a large event to be this one?

With experience comes quality, efficiency and accuracy. 

Here at Unforgettable Weddings our designers know sizing, complimentary colour combinations, industry regulations, venue expectations, the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don’ts to consider and mistakes to avoid - that others may not think of. 

We have decorated over 1000+ events to date and are always prepared with tips, tricks, and quick thinking solutions.

Decorating your own wedding is certainly possible, but taking on too much yourself can sometimes be more difficult than anticipated.  No need to start from scratch OR put yourself through unnecessary stress.  You have questions and we have answers. Please consider granting yourself peace of mind, and delegate; Hire the right help, you will be thankful you did.  

How much does it cost?  Can I afford a decorator?

You may be surprised.  Hiring a decorator may actually SAVE you money when it comes to decor.

Purchasing decorations and DIY-ing may seem cost effective in the beginning but can quickly add up and cost more than what a decorator would charge. 

No need to assume cost... just ask! 

When researching prices be certain you are comparing like items, size and quality.  Include fees such as shipping, duty, delivery and your own gas.... don’t forget to account for cleaning, set up or take down costs that may be associated at a later time. Gather all of your information BEFORE making a decision or buying up décor.  Sometimes trying to save money with separate purchases, is more expensive than one. PLUS, what is your time worth?... a decorator may be more affordable than you think. 

At Unforgettable Weddings we believe in “NO PRESSURE” sales.  We welcome you to visit our showroom for a free consultation and no-obligation price quote; Contact us today for an appointment.

What are the business hours?


We are happy to schedule consultations and appointments at our showroom in the morning, afternoon or evening from Monday to Thursday; Email us with your availability.


We are hard at work with the preparation, set up and takedown of events.

*Facetime or phone consultations available for out-of-town customers.

Is there a difference between Planner vs Decorator?

As decorators, we provide decor and decorating services such as aesthetic planning, layout design, delivery, set up and take down of our provided decor.  We do not attend the event but return after it is done to collect our decorations.  If you are looking for someone to attend your event and aid in other areas besides decor - such as overseeing vendors, time management, acting assistant etc. - you are looking for an event planner / coordinator... and we are happy to provide our top recommendations upon request.

How far in advance should I book?

To avoid disappointment, we recommend reserving your spot as early as possible.  Reservations are accepted on a first come first serve basis often one to two years in advance.   Last minute bookings are possible;  Availability depends on date, location, size of wedding and timeline.  Send us your details for more information on availability.


What’s the next step after I receive a quote?

Next step is to review and sign our contract, then make an initial payment to secure our services or product for your date.

Payment options are Cash, Cheque, Interac Email Transfer or PayPal (Credit Card).


Do you travel outside of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada?

Yes, we are happy to;  Subject to availability, minimum order, travel and accommodation fees that may apply.  

What other events do you decorate?

Anniversaries, Showers, Corporate Galas, Fundraisers, Holiday Parties and any other type of UNFORGETTABLE event.


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